Friday, May 16, 2014

Number Systems for CAT and Other MBA Exams.

Number systems is an important topic for CAT and all other MBA Exams. The various topics under Number systems include :

  1. Classification of Numbers : Natural numbers, Whole numbers, Fractions, Real Numbers, Complex  numbers etc.
  2. Rules on Number Operations : For eg, sum of 2 odd numbers is even etc. 
  3. Divisibility Rules.
  4. Properties of Prime and Composite numbers, factorisation.
  5. Power Cycle of Numbers

Today we will start by asking questions for you to ponder over, and answer each of them in the next set of blog posts with detailed video concepts.
  1. What happens when you multiply 3 even numbers? 2 even numbers and an odd number? 2 odd numbers and an even number? and 3 odd numbers?
  2. What happens when you multiply 'N' even numbers? and 'N' odd numbers
  3. Can product of 4 consecutive numbers be Odd?
  4. Whats the smallest number should be added to 156789 to make it divisible by 11?
  5. Whats the smallest number that should be added to 677 to make it divisible by 4, 5, and 11? 
  6. What is the units digit of 72999
  7. What will be the last 2 digits when 25625 is multiplied by 375?
 Through these problems, we hope to cover the complete Number systems concepts, and help you prepare better for CAT and other leading MBA Exams.


  1. There is no need to be certified of MBA for learning CAT. well i think You just have to be a strong tree yourself And education has to look like soursop leaves

  2. Awesome breakdown! Looking forward to tackling these questions. Let the Number Systems adventure begin! wheel spinner