Sunday, May 25, 2014

CAT 2014 : Number Systems - Questions that have appeared in Previous CAT Papers.

In Today's post, we try to look at 3 problems that have appeared in past CAT papers, and provide clues to solve them.

The complete solution will be available in our next post.

  1. If x = -0.5, which of the following has the smallest value?
    21/x , 1/x, 1/x2, 2x, 1/√-x 
  2. Which among the following is the largest?
    21/2, 31/3, 41/4, 61/6, 121/12
  3.  How many 2 digit numbers increase by 18 when the digits are reversed?

  1. A positive number raised to any real number will always be positive. For eg, 4-1/10 will be greater than 0.
  2.  Convert all numbers to have the same exponent. Then compare the numbers.
  3. Let the number have digits a,b. Original number is 10a+b, reversed is 10b+a. Take the difference and try to solve it :)
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