Thursday, May 29, 2014

CAT 2014 : Number Systems - Solutions to Questions that have appeared in Previous CAT Papers.

In our previous blog post, we had picked 3 questions from previous CAT paper. Today we will look at solving these questions. In the process, we will be doing a deeper dive into a couple of important concepts.

Question 1: If x = -0.5, which of the following has the smallest value?
21/x , 1/x, 1/x2, 2x, 1/√-x

Solution: In solving this problem, we will first need to understand a couple of important concepts on Powers of numbers for CAT 2014. The video below explains all the concepts and basics related to it.

Now that we have the concept clear, we can look at the solution to this particular problem.

Question 2: Which among the following is the largest?
21/2, 31/3, 41/4, 61/6, 121/12

Solution: The solution relies on another basic concept of Number systems to compare different numbers with different exponents . The concept and the solution are given below.

Question 3: How may 2 digit numbers increase by 18 when the digits are reversed?

Solution: Note that 2 digit numbers can be expressed as ab, where a,b are digits. So the original number is 10a + b, reversed number 10b + a.

The complete solution along with a few more basics for CAT 2014 can be viewed below.

We will be returning with our next post in a couple of days time! Happy Learning!


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